I was raised to love books.  Books are magical!  You can go on adventures, without packing.  Experience other cultures, while staying home. Find new recipes to share with your friends and family.  We have books in every room of our home.

I know  eBooks are all the rage. For me, somehow, these just aren’t the same.  They are convenient, you can take them wherever you go.  I have a number of cookbooks as eBooks, so I can have my iPad in the kitchen and not my computer.  Truth is I print out the pages i need for whatever I am creating.

Here are some of the books, related to health, I have on my shelf.  I love pulling them out, to browse or look up some detail. Or to read.  Let me know if there are books you have found helpful and I will add them to my “shelf”.




There are many good cookbooks available.  The ones I refer to most often are full of recipes that are allergen free by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre 



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