“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” –Hippocrates

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My all season garden!

My all season garden!

“Let food by thy medicine” is the basis by which I approach most health issues. In my quest to have fresh whole food on our table I am now growing my garden inside. I am the happy owner of a Tower Garden

I did plant a garden outside this year and it was the largest yet. Of course the deer found it.  They pruned my tomatoes, and when we fenced them out they munched my lettuce. Between having to fend off deer and our short growing season I decided it was time to move my garden inside.  We have a lovely east facing “sunporch”, with a south facing sliding glass door.  I had it set up and was ready to plant 9/21/15.


Most of the seeds I set on top of the rockwool. Some I pushed down into the rockwool.  After a week I replanted any wells that had not sprouted.  Starting at the top I planted: basil & spinach, 2nd: rommaine & spinach & lettuce, 3rd: two types of kale, turnips (for the greens) & spinach, 4th: snap peas and parsley, 5th: tomatoes & lemon cucumbers.  On October 1st I replanted any empty wells with bok choy, spinach, and basil.  The lettuces are doing the best. Even my tomatoes came up from seed (a first for me). IMG_1812

We have the lights on a timer to be on for 12 hours each day.  The pump runs for 15 minute each hour.  As you can see, in just four weeks my plants are to the point I can identify what is in each well!  I’m not so sharp at gardening that I can identify plants when they only have two leaves.

My garden is safe from the deer and goats.  I look forward having fresh green salad for Thanksgiving dinner and to sharing my observations with you.

For more information on Tower Gardens visit www.karenhunter.towergarden.com

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Spring is here!

Spring is here!

We had a mild winter here, spring just kinda snuck up on us. Last year my garden was not much to speak of. I was thinking it was a total flop, but I grew garlic, rhubarb, broccoli, and spaghetti squash. We like all those so it really wasn’t a total flop. This year I am determined to grow more.

I had watched a video, “Back to Eden”, before we had moved to our farm. “Back to Eden Film shares the story of one man’s lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive growing methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden.” (Be sure to click over to the Back to Eden site to view the video).  Following this formula you cover the ground with cardboard, then shredded bark. Last fall I covered a large area (80’x12′) with cardboard. I had collected large boxes wherever I could find them ~ including from dumpsters of newly opened businesses, moving boxes,appliance boxes. It takes a lot of boxes to cover an area that large. We had collected piles & piles of bark from someone in a nearby community. Free bark to me, though John made six trips to Olathe to load our farm truck, one shovelful at a time. It wasn’t enough to cover the entire area 6″ deep, but I knew a neighbor was having a tree removed. The tree crew was thrilled not to have to haul away the shredded bark. Now I have enough.

Each fence section is 10', I covered the area with cardboard about 12' out from the fence.

Each fence section is 10′, I covered the area with cardboard about 12′ out from the fence.


Piles of bark








Last month John found a small, 3×3, light weight cold frame. Just before St.Patrick’s Day I planted some lettuces, broccoli raab, kale, and spinach. Being a covered cold frame any rain we get does not keep my seeds wet, so I have to hand water it often. I’ve seen a few sprouts starting to grow. The rhubarb and garlic are starting to grow. Now to get ready to plant the rest of the garden!

My 3x3 cold frame.  Hoping it warms the ground so I can grow greens!

My 3×3 cold frame. Hoping it warms the ground so I can grow greens!

What are you planning to plant this year?  Even if you don’t have as much space as I do, you can grow greens in a pot on your patio and enjoy fresh salad.  Tomatoes can do well in containers.  My folks always plant a mini herb garden on their deck.

Update: I wrote this post two weeks ago and since then the wind has destroyed my little cold frame. So I will be starting over, planting peas and leafy greens this weekend.  My rhubarb and garlic are doing great and the season is still early.

Next garden post I will introduce the Tower Garden.  If you can’t wait, visit www.karenhunter.towergarden


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