Recently at a conference the statement was made that “once upon a time health was a given,  but now we have to make conscious choices for health”.


I agree completely!


Over the next few posts I will share the 9 steps Dr. Sears says are critical for enjoying good health through the prime of your life.

The 9 steps are:

  1. Make health your hobby
  2. Keep your arteries clean
  3. Move!
  4. Graze on good foods
  5. Reduce your waist
  6. Eat more seafood, less meat
  7. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  8. Take Juice Plus+
  9. Practice the pills/skills model


Before I share what Dr. Sears has to say I’d like to know:

What health challenges are you facing?

What are your health goals?

How can I support you in reaching your goals?

You can share your thoughts in the comment section or email me at:


I have started the series, so if you missed steps one or two, you can find the prior posts under the blog section on my website, Pharmacy to Farmacy.

Pharmacy to FarmacyKaren Hunter is a certified health coach. She supports individuals who are ready to be educated and learn natural ways to restore their health.   She focuses on the foundational aspects of health and wellness: whole food nutrition, safe movement, restorative sleep, stress management and having fun.


If you are interested in learning more about health coaching and how it would benefit you visit my website, Pharmacy to Farmacy.

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