In this post you are going to learn about “young oils” and “old oils”.


In Step 2  Dr Sears shared the importance of keeping your arteries clean.  Eating a diet high in seafood helps keep your arteries clean because seafood is high in omega 3 fats.  These fats prevent the buildup of “sticky stuff” in your arteries.


Watch the video for Step 6: Eat more seafood, less meat



Dr Sears defines young oils as oils high in omega 3’s.  More omega 3’s results in less sticky stuff.


Old oils are high in omega 6’s.  These oils are proinflammatory, especially when heated.


What oils are you cooking with?  

Which oils do you use in preparing salad dressings or sauces?  

Share one change you will make to improve your health to better enjoy your prime time years in the comments below.


Here is a sheet you can print out for easy reference   Facts on fats


“For healthy aging give yourself an oil change”.

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Pharmacy to FarmacyKaren Hunter is a certified health coach. She supports individuals who are ready to be educated and learn natural ways to restore their health.

She focuses on the foundational aspects of health and wellness: whole food nutrition, safe movement, restorative sleep, stress management and having fun.


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