Last year a new programFarmacy Rx  was introduced to my community.  “The Local Farmacy Rx program is designed to provide assistance and education to local families who may be at risk of developing a diet related disease.” The participants were referred to the program by their medical providers. They received:

  • a stipend to spend on fruits & vegetables at our local farmers market
  • education on how to properly prepare, store and preserve fruits and vegetables
  • increased knowledge of diet & nutrition and how that relates to their health

There were nine families participating last year.  Most of the participating families had never shopped at our local farmers market. They attended cooking classes as families to learn together. The response was very positive. The surveys at the end showed improved BMI and blood pressure scores, new relationships were formed, and this year there is funding for 40 families!  The families that participated last year are invited to help in the classes this year. Here is the link to an article on our program in the Spring edition of “Edible Southwest” , page 20.

This year I am helping facilitate the cooking classes. I am all about eating a whole food diet and increasing fruit & vegetable consumption is good for everyone!  What are you doing to spread health in your community?