My favorite way to work out is to practice yoga.  The older I get the more I enjoy yoga.  I haven’t been practicing long, or consistently. My first class was in 2011.  I remember sharing with my study group at IIN that I had gone to my first yoga class.  Someone asked “what style of yoga was the class?”. I had no clue there were different “styles”.

Here is a brief description of some of the common styles.

Hatha:This is the form of yoga that is most common.  It combines a series of poses with breathing.  Typically it is a gentle introduction to yoga.

Vinyasa: This style is a series of poses that flow together. You transition from one pose to the next, generating heat in the body.

Power: This is a fast paced, higher intensity yoga, designed to build muscle. It is more of an athletic style.

Bikram: This is commonly known as hot yoga and is done in a heated room (>100 degrees). To be true Bikram it must follow a specific series of 26 poses.

Iyengar:This type of yoga focuses on finding the correct alignment for each pose. It is known for using props- blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters, chairs and ropes on a wall.

I started attending yoga out of curiosity. Five years later I am more flexible, I can now jump to spread my feet and jump them back together. I understand the power of my breath. Many mornings I’ll wake up feeling tight and stiff. A few minutes on the Nordic Track to warm up followed by a series of stretches I learned in yoga classes and I’m ready for the day.

Looking back I think my first classes were Vinyasa. I enjoyed attending an Iyengar class for several years. Currently I attend Holy Yoga.  It is a combination Hatha and Vinyasa, combined with worship.

If checking out yoga is something you’ve been considering I encourage you to go for it! Attending a class is important if you have never done yoga before.  A trained instructor will help you learn to do the poses correctly, avoiding potential injury.  Once you are familiar with how to do the poses yoga is wonderful way to relax and can be done in the comfort of your home.

For more information on yoga follow these links 🙂

Holy Yoga has a great option if the person wants to practice Christ centered yoga. Holy Yoga TV is a monthly subscription for $10.00.  Every month they send new classes.

Yoga Studio (just search in the APP Store on your phone or device) … I like this one because they explain all yoga poses, and there are classes as well.

Mind Body Green has an article here explaining 14 styles of yoga.

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Blessings of health and happiness in 2016,

Karen Hunter PharmD, INHC