I remember a t-shirt I gave a friend for her birthday that said, “Life’s short. Eat dessert first”.  On her birthday we did just that!  Cheese cake followed by lasagna.  Yum!

We get so busy with living life we miss out on what is really important.

Today I want to share with you a few lessons I’ve learned about the importance of small everyday stuff and how the small stuff can turn into the big stuff.

Stay with me till the end, I’m inviting you to a party!!

There are a number of clever sayings about health and wealth.

Bottom line is, if you are healthy you are wealthy.

Health starts with small choices.  What you eat, how much you move your body (exercise), whether you make time to rest and play.  These are all important,

Cleaning my body and home without chemicals was a huge part of rediscovering my health.

Did you know your skin is your largest organ?  Yep, it is true.  The catch here is anything you put on your skin is absorbed and has to be processed by your liver.  Think skin care, body care, shampoo, cosmetics.

With Norwex you clean with water and a Norwex cloth.  Yes, water and a cloth.

I often receive compliments on my skin.  Mind you I recently turned 60.  I wash my face with water and a Norwex body cloth.  No chemicals or soap needed.

The Envirocloths are perfect for keeping my kitchen shiny clean.  Cleaning the stainless steel appliances is simple.  Wipe them down with an Envirocloth.  Prints and dust gone. It is magic!


If you would like to learn more or see these products in action you are invited to my Norwex party online!!

Wednesday July 26th at 7pm (MT)  (The party will be active for several days after the FB event so don’t worry if you cannot attend “live”)

For those of you who are not on Facebook here is the link to my party (Just choose “Karen’s Crazy about Norwex when asked if you are here for a party): Karen’s Crazy about Norwex!

And for those of you on Facebook here is the link to the party: Karen’s Crazy about NORWEX FB Party!!

Any questions?  Let me know and I’ll connect you to my very capable NORWEX consultant, Tanya.

I hope to see you at the party!!

ps:  There are prizes!!