In the prior post your learned the first step for enjoying prime time health is to make health your hobby.  

Prime timers who take care of their body and develop a maintenance plan enjoy better health during the prime time years.

Today Dr. Sears discusses step 2:  Keep Your Arteries Clean


During this video Dr. Sears answers these questions.


  1. What is the largest hormone producing organ in your body?
  2. How does the internal pharmacy in your body help keep your arteries clean?


The answers to these two questions are key factors in preventing disability, disease and extra visits to your doctor.


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Avoiding sticky foods is an important first step in keeping your arteries clean.  


Eating a whole food diet fuels your body with foods that keep your internal pharmacy operating effectively.


By replacing one meal or snack each day with a smoothie you provide the nutrients necessary to help keep your arteries clean.




Download my eBook, “7 Day Smoothie Challenge”,  a collection of a dozen recipes  for delicious and nutritious smoothies to add more whole foods to your diet.



Pharmacy to Farmacy

When it comes to my healthy living programs, I focus on the foundational aspects of health and wellness when coaching: macro and micro nutrients, movement, sleep, stress relief and fun. When one piece of this puzzle is missing our lives don’t fit together as well as they could. The body has a desire to reach balance and without approaching each of these areas the balance achieved will only be temporary.


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“The best way to lower your pill bill is to develop your self-help skills”  Dr. Bill Sears