I have gone months without traveling other than a weekend camping. Recently we have been away more than we’ve been home.  It has all been good.  My sisters and I surprised our mother for her 80th birthday (Tucson, Arizona), a weekend away for a Christmas party (Beaver Creek Resort), meeting two of John’s sisters  to prepare a home for the next family (Jackson,California)  and most recently spending two weeks in Maryland to welcome a new granddaughter.

Traveling for me is a bit challenging.  I have several food sensitivities, so stopping at the more convenient fast food places or grabbing something to eat at the airport doesn’t work.  Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks which I’ll share with you.

We drive whenever possible.  That way I can pack food for the trip.  Having a small cooler in the car with fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, summer sausage and cheese, and water means we can stop for a meal whenever we want, wherever we are.  For a day trip a thermos will keep water hot enough to enjoy tea!

Traveling by air requires another level of planning.  TSA regulations limit what you can carry with you. Here is a helpful article on food and TSA. For my trip out to Maryland I packed hard boiled eggs (already peeled, in bag), almond butter packets (be sure to put these in your 1 qt. zip-lock bag), gluten free crackers, and fresh fruit.  Peppermint mocha with YLEOYou can also take a smoothie IF IT IS COMPLETELY FROZEN. Returning from Maryland I packed a salad with the dressing already on it.  It definitely requires planning but by packing real food I am not tempted to make poor choices in a moment of desperation.  I did splurge on a treat as I flew home.  I added a drop of Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil to a decaf mocha (made with coconut milk) and enjoyed every sip! By adding YL peppermint oil to flavor my treat I avoided loading up on sugar. Sugar increases the stress response and that would not have been good. Here is a link to healthy snacks, 20_Healthy_Snack_Ideas, several of which with minor adjustments are TSA friendly.

Traveling, by car or plane, means long hours sitting.  Making the effort to move is very important to your health and wellness.  Our body is designed to move often. When stopping at rest stops take the time to walk a few laps around the rest area. Walk the terminals between legs of a flight.  Take the time to simply “go for a walk” each morning.  While visiting my daughter I went out early before they were awake and walked through the neighborhood. One morning I walked in a nature area near my father’s home.  Walking improved my mood, helps relieve stress in my back from all the sitting, is good for my circulation, and makes the entire day more enjoyable for me and those around me.  It is a choice I made for my health and one I think you should make too.  Here is the link to why moving your body is beneficial for your health.

Traveling can be stressful.  With some planning and preparation you can make healthier choices that will make the trip more enjoyable and less stressful.  Movement and real food go a long way to maintaining your health.

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