We have discussed why you should make health your hobby and the importance of having clean arteries to improve our chances of enjoying health during our prime time years.


Today I want to talk about the importance of moving.  

Not to worry, no packing boxes needed! 


Moving your body every day is the third step for prime time health.  


Here’s a little quiz to get you thinking.

What is the best exercise to improve your health?

A. Jogging



D. Any activity you enjoy and will do


Yes, it is a trick question.  


The best exercise is D: The one you enjoy and will do every day.


In this video you will learn how moving slows aging.




It was difficult for me to find a time to exercise every day until I started walking first thing in the morning.  I get up, put on comfortable clothes, drink a large glass of water and head out the door with my dog.  It usually takes us 25-30 minutes to walk through the neighborhood.  If I am in a hurry I shorten the walk, but I still go.  



I live on a farm so I get plenty of activity throughout the day, but it is my early morning walk that I look forward to.  The simple activity of walking, activates the pump at the base of the spinal column, moving spinal fluid through the spinal cord.  This helps me feel less tight and stiff in the morning.  Exposure to natural light within the first hour you are awake tells your brain you are awake.  For me the benefits are worth 30 minutes each morning.


I hope that you are motivated to move more and sit less. Here is a tool to help you track your exercise.  Remember any activity that has you moving your body is perfect.


The options are endless.  Walking, hiking, swimming, bicycle riding, participating in a sport (golf, tennis, basketball).  Grab a comfortable pair of shoes and get moving today!  


Remember, the best “exercise” for prime time health is one you enjoy and will do.  

Pharmacy to FarmacyKaren Hunter is a certified health coach. She supports individuals who are ready to be educated and learn natural ways to restore their health.She focuses on the foundational aspects of health and wellness: whole food nutrition, safe movement, restorative sleep, stress management and having fun.
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