In week four I share some ideas for self care.  Making time in your schedule for yourself is vital for health.   The holidays are a time when women feel they must give. And give. And give.  The “to do” list is long, the demands on time are great, and free time is nonexistent.

One of my favorite ways to recharge is to spend time in nature. For me, just being outside calms my mind.  In the car driving doesn’t count. Sorry, but we all know it is true. Your feet must meet the ground.

I’ve been meeting a friend to walk on Monday mornings along one of the local trails.  Two weeks ago we saw an eagle. It was amazing, especially as it flew to a different branch.  This trail is along the Uncompahgre river, which flows through town.  We would never had seen this magnificent bird had we stayed home.

IMG_1881Making time for yourself doesn’t come naturally to most of us.  I didn’t always see the value or need in making time to take care of myself. I just went from day to day. Trying to get everything done on my list.  Do you think I was ever done? Nope. I never was able to do it all.

As 2015 comes to an end set aside one hour to ask your self, “how am I going to take better care of myself in 2016?”

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