Have you ever watched a baby sleep?  They look so peaceful and calm. Breathing slowly and evenly.  Doesn’t matter when it is or where they are, they sleep.

As we grow older (and wiser?) sleep becomes elusive.  I hadn’t thought of sleep as being elusive until a friend who is older and wiser described it as that. Elusive.

Sleep is too often the first sacrifice made when we our schedule is filled to overflowing.

We either have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep.

The results can be disasterous.

 Do you to wake up more tired than you were went you went to bed?

Do you have trouble falling asleep?  Or staying asleep?

Getting 7-9 hours of restorative sleep every night makes a significant impact on your health.  This doesn’t sound romantic or fun, but your health is worth the investment.

Sleeping 7-9 hours can improve your mood, your hormone balance and can even help you loose weight!


So what’s a gal to do if sleep is elusive?

In his article Chronic Tiredness and Insomnia in Adrenal Fatigue Dr. Lam suggests the following:

  • Sleep in a completely cool, quiet, and dark room
  • Go to bed and get up at about the same time every day, even on the weekends
  • Remove all electrical appliances
  • Do not do strenuous aerobics exercise or power yoga after dinner
  • Turn off your computer, TV, loud music, excitatory video games
  • Avoid adrenal stimulators
  • Do gentle Adrenal Restorative Exercise, Adrenal Stretching, and Adrenal Rebuilding exercises in the late afternoon to transition the body at the end of a workday to evening
  • Always go to sleep before 10 p.m. at the latest
  • A small snack of protein and fat (a handful of nuts or cottage cheese) before sleep is good
  • If you don’t fall asleep, get up and do something else like Adrenal Restorative Exercises or Adrenal Breathing Exercises


If sleep is elusive for you download my handout 15 Ideas for Better Sleep for  suggestions to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.  Remember our sleep pattern was developed over time so it may take a week or more to see possitive change.

In my next post I will continue the conversation on sleep and what the ideal pattern for sleep is.


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