I developed this material with you in mind.

This is not a path I ever saw myself on, until I was well down the road. 

Stress is part of the modern life.  How often do you hear “I’m stressed about ___”, or “It’s just stress”?

The human body, yours and mine, is programed to respond quickly in an emergency.

The ability to respond quickly to a threat saved lives.  Adrenaline is released so you have a burst of energy, your heart rate goes up, your breathing becomes faster.  This is referred to as “fight or flight”. 

This same reaction occurs today, except not always as dramatic as when there is a true threat.  It occurs whether the perceived threat is physical or emotional.   For many of us it is unrelenting.  Until one day you realize you are tired. You are always tired, maybe even exhausted.

I worked as a pharmacist for 34 years.  The last 10 years were the most stressful.  I had an irregular schedule. I traveled to work often in other communities, spending one-three nights in a hotel room.  Pharmacists don’t get to take breaks in most settings.

During the last 12 years I was working there were several big life events.  My children graduated from high school ~ Yay for an empty nest.  My daughter enlisted in the Navy, and three years later was married.  My father-in-law died.  We moved to a new community, due to my job transfer.  While these life events are not huge on the stress scale their cumulative effect was large.

Add a couple health issues and menopause. Yep, I was a hot mess.  I was always tired.  I wasn’t sleeping well, my weight went up and up. I had little or no energy to do anything except sleep, eat and go to work.

In a recent bible study I did, The 7 Experiment by Jen Hatmaker, she writes on page 152:

“I know I’m not the only one who runs on empty, good reader.  Stress is the calling card of our generation, the proof of our productivity, evidence of our important lives. We’re busy. We’re incredibly taxed.  We’re involved in worthwhile and stunning activities.  We ensure our kids follow suit, keeping the schedule of a first-year trial lawyer, and the line items sacrificed are family dinners, unplanned afternoons, breathing space, rest.”

Undress Your Stress was written to help you and me get a grip on what is causing our stress and choosing to respond in a way that helps our body recover.  We cannot continue living at the pace we have been and expect different results.

It’s time to take back your life and regain your energy!

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This is the introduction to Undress Your Stress. I have assembled the same information I present in my classes as a book.  I want this information to be available to everyone who has or is currently living life feeling like they are used up and worn out.  Feeling stressed.

There truely isn’t a quick fix.  But following the principles I present in Undress Your Stress will help you get on the path to living life with more energy and enthusiasm. 

Don’t continue living with feelings of overwhelm.  Download your copy of Undress Your Stress today!

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