In Less Stress Holidays you’ve been learning how you can make choices that minimize the effect stress has on you.  This week you’ll learn how targeted supplementation fills in the gaps that occur due to increased nutritional needs when you are under stress.

The last six months I was working as a pharmacist were incredibly stressful. I was already worn out from an irregular schedule over the prior years, several major life changes, and had discovered several food sensitivities were the cause of chronic pain.  I survived because I was introduced to essential oils.

Essential oils are the “life blood” of plants.  There are references to them being used to promote health dating back to the Roman and Greek cultures.  They are referenced in the Bible in the book of Genesis. The wise men brought gifts of frankincense and myrrh, both are essential oils.

I use frankincense and myrrh essential oils daily.  Both are beneficial to skin health. Myrrh is very helpful in the arid climate of Colorado for healing the cracks I invariably get while working with my animals, especially during cold weather.

This is a four-week course that will TRANSFORM your understanding how your body responds to stress and what you can do about it!
When I first started understanding the information I present in this class, it truly transformed my life and helped me regain my health. Let me help you, too!

Don’t wait until the holidays leave you feeling exhausted. Invest in your health TODAY and enjoy the holidays without feeling overwhelmed.

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