Birthdays come every year and I have never made a big deal of them.  They are just another day.

This year was different.  As my birthday approached I began to really feel old.  Sixty seemed such a big number.  And I had been feeling each and every year recently.

The usual practice in our family is that on your birthday you get to pick where we go out to dinner.  Gifts are optional, cards are welcome but also optional.  Since moving to Montrose in 2008 and discovering the Ouray Hot Springs we would often go soak.  I love the water and my husband loves me!


This year was different.

My husband decided to take the day before and of my birthday off.  A first for us!

He made reservations at the Wiesbaden Inn in the resort town south of us, Ouray.  The inn has a vapor cave and hot soaking pool, both inside. (I had gotten sunburned the week before so soaking inside was the best option).

We left Montrose at 2:00 the day before my birthday.

Ready to explore the vapor cave before dinner!

Ouray is higher in elevation than Montrose, so a few degrees cooler.  We checked in to Wiesbaden with plenty of time to soak before dinner.

The inn provides all guests with very comfortable cotton robes.

While in the vapor cave I practiced deep breathing with intent to relax and renew.  I would breathe in for count of 4, focusing on positive feelings and intentions (health, relaxation, healing, peace, etc.).  Hold the warm mineral air in my lungs for count of 7.  Then exhale for count of 8, anything negative (pain, inflammation, unease, feelings of being tired, etc.).  We sat in the hot shallow pool several minutes at a time.  Not sure the exact temperature but my guess is >110.  Then back onto the ledge and more deep breathing.  After about 30 minutes even I was ready to cool off and relax in the room before walking to dinner.

Ouray is a small mountain town in the San Juan mountains,  also known as “Little Switzerland”.  Wiesbaden Inn is just two blocks off Main Street so we wandered into town, browsing through a few shops.  We arrived for our dinner reservation at  Brickhouse 737   Delightful restaurant, we had never eaten here prior but will return!  They were very willing to accommodate my food intolerances and I enjoyed a delicious meal.   Since we were celebrating my birthday AND they have a flourless/dairy free chocolate cake we ordered dessert.  Hans even brought us some Syrah port to add to the celebration.

We soaked again after dinner 🙂  The vapor cave pool was much hotter, but the sun was down so we enjoyed a long soak in the outdoor pool.  Met several delightful folks to chat with.


About 2 miles from the top of Imogene Pass. Snow and ice clearing going on above where we were stopped.

John had made reservations for us to enjoy a Jeep tour on Wednesday morning with Colorado West Jeep Tours.

It was so nice to just enjoy the scenery and learn mining history.  John let me sit on the driver’s side so I could see better.

Steve, our driver and guide, drove close to the edge.  He had already told us the seat belts were not for our safety but to body recovery easier!!

Amazing scenery!  The tour was to top of Imogene Pass.

Because of the snow at the top, being cleared by bulldozer while we were stopped,(being in a large commercial vehicle Steve decided not to force the issue), Steve extended our tour and we ventured into Yankee Boy Basin.  It was early for flowers but absolutely beautiful!


We were back in town before 1:00, so went back to Wiesbaden for a quick soak and shower.


John’s planning made my 60th birthday a special occasion, not just another date on the calendar.  Which made me feel special and celebrated.


As a health coach, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, home maker and farmer  I too often get so busy I forget to take care of ME.

In my health coaching practice I am frequently reminding my clients and friends they must take care of themselves FIRST.  But as women we simply don’t put ourselves at the top of our list, or even on the list.

For the sake of your health this must not be your mode of operating.











You may not notice at first.  But the people you care about do..

Do you recognize any of these scenarios?

  • Everything seems to be against you
  • You feel tired, even if you slept 7-9 hours
  • The smallest trigger will upset you
  • You are so tired you just want to cry
  • Your list of “to do” is all about everyone but you


I end up here too often.  I know better. I get so busy “doing” for others that I neglect self care.

Here are some simple steps to start with.

  • Set aside 15 minutes for YOU every day.  During these minutes read, pray, enjoy a cup of tea.  Just BE. No electronics or interaction with others!
  • Go for a walk.    Here’s an article showing walking is  effective at improving mood.
  • Schedule time for YOU each week to do something you enjoy. I love to hike with girlfriends.  Spend time enjoying a hobby, get a massage, go to yoga or your favorite fitness class.
  • Invest in personal development.  Go to “that” class, make time to journal.


.While on our outing in Ouray I found a delightful journal,  “Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone”.  There are prompts for journaling, pages to color, exercises to stretch you. (The link is my Amazon affiliate link, thank you!)

If you have been stressed and want to get back to your life I’ve put together a 4 chapter eBook to guide you through  Check it out here “Undress Your Stress”

What are you going to do to make YOU a priority?

Do my suggestions resonate with you?  Or do you have other ideas you would be willing to share?

Don’t just read this post without deciding on an action step to take care of YOU!

Comment below to share how you plan to take better care of you.

Or visit my Facebook page and send me a message there.  Pharmacy to Farmacy  on Facebook.



I have learned that what we eat matters, especially when we are under stress.  I will be offering a class in August in Montrose, and this fall online.  It you are interested in learning how to eat toward health and away from disease would you please let me know. You can comment at end of this post, or email me at:   Please use “Eat toward health” in the subject line.