We moved to our 8+ acre farm May 2013.  I want to be completely honest, the closest we had ever come to living on a farm was a garden.  We moved here with one dog and one cat.

The original motive was to be able to produce more of our own food.  There is more to health than what you eat, but eating a whole food diet is a good foundation.

We bought our farm.  All 8.6 acres of land.  In my mind it was perfect.  But it needed a “bit” of work.  Details like fencing, gates, updating irrigation, learning about pumps.  Reclaiming an area for a garden.  Learning to care for goats and sheep and ducks. And that is just the outside.

The house is unique and there is character in every detail.  (My husband doesn’t use these same terms to describe our house).  The work we’ve done on the house, up to this point,  has been cosmetic.   Painting, updating window coverings, hanging new towel bars.

Until now. We are in the midst of completely remodeling our kitchen.

The kitchen was functional. There were little things that were annoying.  One burner on the stove had to be lit with a match. The counter top formica is separating near the sink from the water that is common next to a sink. The main prep area was in the shadows. There was only a vent on the Jen-Air, and it pulled air down to vent to the outside.

So currently I have a working sink and cook top.  Most all the cabinets are in the garage. The refrigerator is in the dining area.  My table is covered with the items we access daily (coffee pot, supplements, often used seasonings, Berkey water filter.  By Saturday the sink and cook top will be gone too.

Most often used items are on the dining table

Sink and cook top left until the last minute


Am I living in chaos?  Or is the empty, non-functioning kitchen a blank slate of possibilities?





Yes, I am living in chaos. But, there is a plan and I see the possibilities.


Your health is a lot like my kitchen.

You may be functioning.

But maybe not with the energy you once had.

It takes longer to feel awake in the morning, or more coffee.

The days seem long and the nights seem short.

You feel stressed all the time.


Are you ready to take healthy back?

Here is a quick video.

I’d love to know your favorite part of the video!

Email me your comments at karen@pharmacytofarmacy.com



To make life even more interesting we have welcomed two sets of triplet kids and two sets of twin lambs so far this spring.  I love living on our farm but it is a lot of work!!

Lucy’s triplet kids