We live on a farm.  We moved here almost 3 years ago.  I was wanting to be able live sustainably. My dream is still to produce as much of our food as we can.  So far we would be eating rhubarb, garlic and winter squash if we were dependent on my gardening prowess.  During the winter the ducks are laying on average one egg per day (with 7 mature hens). I am so thankful for neighbors who have eggs to share.

This past weekend we needed to weigh our market lambs.  They were scheduled to go to the processor Monday morning.  We ordered a scale and sling with a capacity up to 210 pounds.  How difficult could it be to get the darlings into a pen and then weigh them?  Turns out it was another opportunity for an entry to “America’s Funniest Videos”.

Nothing that has to do with goats or sheep is as simple as it sounds.  That is why I love having Young Living essential oils on hands.

We got the lambs into a stall.  John had already added a sturdy 2×6 to hang the scale from. He had gathered a couple pulleys, rope, the scale and the sling.  It was my task to get the lambs into the sling.  This was going well.  We were amazed how large our lambs had grown.  They were 150# and 140#!

Since we were all set up I wanted to weigh the goats.  It is helpful to know how much they weigh, I’m not good at estimating their weight.  It’s rare but should they need veterinary care some treatments are dependent on their weight. I handle my goats regularly and anyone can approach them if I am there.  They really are gentle. Well, they didn’t think much of the game “weigh the goat”.  As I was releasing the last goat from the sling John released the tension on the rope.  Next thing I know the scale slams against my face. OW!IMG_1946

After we finished with the chores outside I applied helichrysum essential oil to the tender area.  There wasn’t any color yet but a marble size bump on the cheek bone.  Then a damp cloth and ice.  The moisture helps push the oil into the tissue, the ice helps with the pain and swelling.  The picture was taken 3 days after the incident.

John is also using helichrysum essential oil.  It is reported to help with tinnitus. I’ll let you know if it helps, I know many people struggle with tinnitus.

For more information on how you can add essential oils to your family’s first aid kit drop me an email: karen@pharmacytofarmacy.com  I’d love to answer your questions.

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