My Story

After enduring chronic pain for over 25 years I learned the chronic pain in my hands and back was due to a food intolerance. Experiencing first hand how whole foods helped my body heal opened my eyes to real health care (versus traditional ‘dis-ease’ management).

I am passionate about sharing this information. This lead me to become an AADP certified health coach. I am continually reading and learning more about natural treatments to restore health to the body. I believe our body will heal if we learn to nourish our body, mind and spirit.

I live on an 8.6-acre farm in Montrose, Colorado., a rural community where we are fortunate to have access to pastured meat, farm fresh eggs, and fresh produce. We now raise goats, sheep, and ducks. We have a llama, who keeps watch over the flocks. My health improves daily!

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Pharmacy to FarmacyKaren Hunter, Retired Pharmacist and AADP Certified Health Coach

Karen Hunter was a licensed pharmacist for 35 years. During this time she observed many changes to the traditional healthcare system, which have not resulted in improved health or wellness for most individuals. Traditional medicine relies heavily on technology and pharmaceuticals to treat the patient’s symptoms. Often the focus is on managing the symptom(s), not discovering how or why the individual arrived at this place of disease. She has also seen a dramatic increase in chronic diseases, which often respond well to dietary and lifestyle management. She is now an AADP certified health coach and is passionate about helping people find better health through food and lifestyle choices.


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