Are you ready to focus on the foundational aspects of health and wellness to transform your health?  

The five coaching programs below focus on macro and micro nutrients, movement, sleep, stress relief and fun. When one piece of this puzzle is missing our lives don’t fit together as well as they could. The body has a desire to reach balance and without approaching each of these areas the balance achieved will only be temporary. 

When you are ready to be educated and learn health skills which will help you see transformation in all areas of your health, I am here to support you.

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 Self paced coaching programs:

Undress Your Stress Self-Paced Program

Four part self paced coaching program focused on helping you thrive in your stress packed life.


Pure Living Self paced program

Ten day self paced coaching program to revive and restore your health.


One-to-one coaching programs:

Fundamentals of Healthy Living

Discover greater happiness and health in this three month or six month coaching program. Helping you achieve balance and optimal health.


Hormone Harmony Coaching by Karen Hunter

A three month coaching program designed to identify and address hormone balance through nutrition and lifestyle.


Real Food Real Health

An eight week program to discover food sensitivities and promote gut healing and greater general health.